English Idioms The Weekly Idiom: To own up to
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The Weekly Idiom: To own up to E-mail
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To admit to doing something

Example Dialogue:

A: Did you hear about the boss who accused his secretary of stealing money from the company?
B: Yes. But he eventually owned up to stealing the money himself.
A: Really? I had not heard that he admitted stealing the money.

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12 years ago by Asaad # 1051
hopeness wrote:
This thread discusses the Content article: The Weekly Idiom: To own up to

i dont understand

some idioms I don't understand but when I am reading and it comes across I can guess the meaning,
12 years ago by dira # 1054
based on the dialogue, i think the idiom has a meaning that the boss confess to stealling the money, not the secretary.

how do you think ??
12 years ago by David Rogers # 1056
Yes, the dialogue means the boss stole the money. He tried to blame the secretary, but the secretary didn't do it. Finally, the boss admitted he was guilty, and owned up to stealing the money.
12 years ago by Savithri # 1059
hi got a doubt about the idioms:

For example: To own up to - explained at one situation..

is these kinds of idioms are used only on particular situation or it has got different meaning to be used in different situations.

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