English Idioms The Weekly Idiom: Sitting pretty
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The Weekly Idiom: Sitting pretty E-mail
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To be in a favorable position; to be successful

Example Dialogue:

A: Have you talked to Randy lately? He just got a new job and a raise.
B: Yes, I've heard. He sure is sitting pretty.

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16 years, 3 months ago by amiin # 267
i was doing good, how about u did you enjoy this school
16 years, 2 months ago by rekha sindhuri # 279
[i]dont sit idle
15 years, 1 month ago by kosa mariana sofia # 535
I'm absolutely positive I could never have translated this idiom.I'm so happy I've found thisopportunity to learn daily smth new!Thank you all!
14 years, 7 months ago by kenji # 676
hi can i join to ur conversation?? can u pls correct me if im wrong and its ok to me to correct my mistake..i me also i enjoy to this class..
14 years, 7 months ago by rana # 682
how are you? i'm a new here.I want to improve my english languge.Please can help me?
11 years, 5 months ago by Youkhanna # 1152
I 'am a new to this class.
11 years, 4 months ago by Mazhar # 1155
You guys have been attending this class for years, how come i didn't know about it?
11 years, 1 month ago by suganya # 1174
i'm new to this class

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