Business English Business Jargon: Smoke and mirrors
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Business Jargon: Smoke and mirrors E-mail
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A form of deception; more style than substance.

Example Dialogue:

A: I hear the new software is almost complete. But does it work?
B: I don’t know, but I hear that the new software is mostly smoke and mirrors. It looks good, but it does not work well.

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12 years ago by dira # 1057
it means the software look good but actually have bad performance.
12 years ago by Pramod # 1062
This expression basically comes from the world of 'Magic' where magicians use Mirrors to create optical illusions (like hiding a person from throat to toe and show off his head alone !!) and also pumping in smoke (to remove the glasses for revealing the man's body !!) etc.

Thus, the expression is used to qualify a situation where someone tries to hide something bad and at the same time, tries to give an impression that nothing bad ever exists.

When Good wrappers, Free gifts, Good advertisements etc are used to promote a Bad Product, you can say that 'The Product is all Smoke and Mirror'.

Hope this explains....
10 years, 10 months ago by hadeel # 1186
i have another sample, it is saying i can and you are can't

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